VNation welcomes you. Please read these Terms and Conditions carefully. You understand that all of these Terms and Conditions apply to the V-NATION.CA website and all services offered. By accessing the V-NATION.CA website, using its services and placing an order through this website, you confirm that you have read these Terms and Conditions, you are deemed to have accepted them and you agree to comply with them.


VNation ensures that each product description is as consistent as possible with the products in question. VNation ensures that each size, colour or image best reflects the reality of the product. You understand, however, that the sizes displayed are approximate and may vary slightly from one product to another compared to what is displayed on this website. In addition, colours may also differ slightly in that they depend on the monitor used to display the images on the website.

Regular or customized products

Vnation vous offre une vaste gamme de produits. Pour certains d’entre eux, il est possible de personnaliser le produit en choisissant des couleurs qui ne sont pas initialement offertes ou en y ajoutant son nom, un numéro ou le logo de votre groupe ou organisation sportive. Sur le présent site web, ces produits sont considérés comme étant des produits personnalisés alors que les autres produits sont considérés comme étant des produits réguliers. Les uniformes sportifs ainsi que tous produits d’organisation avec une impression personnalisée représentant une équipe ou une organisation autre que VNATION ( dont tous les items dans l’onglet “VOTRE ÉQUIPE ” ) sont toujours considérés comme des produits personnalisés.


La livraison sera assurée par Poste Canada ou autre comapgnie de livraions certifiés selon l’adresse de livraison. VNation est présentement en train de finaliser les derniers détails de cet aspect. Plus d’informations suivront sous peu.

For regular product orders, the shipping time is 3 to 5 working days. For all orders concerning personalized products and for group orders or for a sports organization, please note that the shipping time is 20 working days.


Payments must be made by PAYPAL account. For identification purposes and invoice design, information such as your name and address is collected at the time of payment. This information will be kept confidential and will not be disclosed under any circumstances.


All prices shown do not include applicable taxes. In Quebec, VNation applies GST (Goods and Services Tax) and QST (Quebec Sales Tax) at the respective rates of 5% and 9.975%.


Our goal is your complete satisfaction. For this reason, all VNation products can be exchanged, or the customer refunded in full, if the following conditions are met:

  1. The products in question must be returned within 30 days of the date of shipment.
  2. Returned products must be in perfect condition, they must not have been worn, used or damaged. For this reason, we ask you to keep the labels on each item you wish to return.
  3. Les produits suivants ne peuvent être retournés pour remboursement ou échange : tous produits personnalisés ( voir définition ci-haut), à titre d’exemple,  les vêtements d’organisations ou bien des vêtements sur lesquels vous avez fait ajouter votre nom ou votre numéro.

The latter conditions do not apply to products with a production or manufacturing defect. To ensure that we offer you the best quality, such products may be returned for refund or exchange at any time.

Exchanges may be made for a product of equal or lesser value, in which case the excess will be credited to you.

How do I make a return?

There are two options for a refund or exchange:

  1. You can personally return the item in question to the VNation store;
  2. You can also return the item to us by mail. If you choose this option, you must include a copy of your invoice and a short letter stating the purpose of your return. Don't forget to leave us your contact information if you wish to receive your refund or exchange.

Requests will be processed by our team within 4 to 7 business days.

Irregular requests

Any requests that are irregular or do not respect the conditions for obtaining a refund or exchange will not be processed. Returned products may be returned to you at your request, otherwise VNation will be obliged to dispose of them otherwise.


Promotional offers are only available for a specific set of products and for a specific period of time. Each promotional offer is distinct from the previous and following ones and their terms and conditions are subject to VNation's discretion. For more information regarding a certain promotional offer, please refer directly to the offer in question.


We make sure to keep our inventory well stocked and to have copies of each of our products in order to offer you a fast service. Nevertheless, depending on the seasons, promotions and many other factors, it is possible that at certain times certain sizes, colours or products may no longer be available. We always do our best to ensure that you receive the products you ordered as soon as possible. Please be aware that a delay of 20 business days is to be expected if you wish to obtain a product that is not currently in stock. In addition, it is possible, exceptionally, that we may be forced to cancel an order in the event of unforeseen circumstances, particularly if the products ordered are discontinued or no longer available.


Our prices, promotional offers and policies are subject to change without notice. We make sure to keep our website up to date and to present you with only the appropriate information. We reserve the right to correct and rectify any inaccurate or erroneous information. We also reserve the right to revise and update the Terms and Conditions and the content posted on this website. It is your responsibility to visit this website regularly to keep up to date with the latest changes.


VNation either owns or has been granted the rights to use all content presented on the V-NATION.CA website, including, but not limited to, all drawings, images, sketches, products, information, descriptions and logos. It is strictly forbidden to copy, reproduce or use these elements unless prior authorization has been obtained from VNation.

It is also strictly prohibited to use the V-NATION.CA website and its content for any purpose that is offensive, violent, defamatory, libelous, vexatious, pornographic, obscene or in any way unlawful or illegal.

In addition, if you believe that VNation is posting something on this Website that it is not authorized to post due to the copyright or intellectual property rights of others, please let us know by writing to us at and VNation will correct the situation where necessary.


We invite you to consult our FAQ section which deals with the most frequently asked questions. If you have any questions or queries about the General Terms and Conditions or about any other subject whatsoever, we invite you to write to us at the following address:

Thank you for your understanding